The Cabinet Office-affiliated Behavioural Insights Team (aka the Nudge Unit) has summarised actions employers can take to improve outcomes for gender equality in their businesses and organisations:

While some are called out as requiring more evidence to be considered for recommendation, the report includes a toolkit for 5 effective, evidence-based actions that can be implemented. As with so much of the employee experience, there’s a strong emphasis on recruitment and selection as key areas in which a positive impact can be made:

RPO partnerships can support all 5; but PeopleScout, through its award-winning Assessment Talent Consulting team, are often engaged to improve standards and structure of interviews as well as to embed measurable, skill-based assessment experiences. This can include the endorsement and implementation of off the shelf psychometrics all the way up to the design and delivery of bespoke, role-specific selection tools.

Additionally, our qualified Business Psychologists can provide training, facilitation and lead assessing support to client interview panels to optimise structure and quality of interviewing. We practice what we preach internally: their expert training is also delivered to our client-supporting Recruitment Coordinator and Recruiter teams, so we can bring a holistic, best practice approach to every partnership.

If the BI Team support sparks your interest and makes you think about how some of the recommendations can be implemented, you might also want to check out some fact sheets: case studies detailing PeopleScout’s results in this area: