It's worrying times if you're working in Retail TA. 

Whilst the rest of the business world starts to uncurl post Covid, the impact of changing consumer buying patterns, economic recovery in other sectors and a minimalistic approach to staff engagement from some employers is starting to hurt.

Retail workers, drained from the pandemic and empowered by a strengthening job market, are leaving jobs like never before.

Americans are ditching their jobs by the millions, and retail is leading the way with the largest increase in resignations of any sector. Some 649,000 retail workers put in their notice in April, the industry’s largest one-month exodus since the Labor Department began tracking such data more than 20 years ago.

A recent US retail survey from Deloitte 'The Future of Work' indicates that nearly half of all retailers are struggling to attract and retain talent. 

And the picture's no more rosy this side of the pond. 

With an estimated 100,000 HGV driver vacancies in the UK, Tesco are now paying drivers a £1,000 signing-on bonus and Booker & Aldi are both increasing pay for drivers. 

Whilst drivers are one area of concern, store staff and specialists in areas such as e-commerce and digital remain scarce. 

Coupled with the 'pingdemic', this means that several operators are struggling to open or fully stock their businesses. 

Light at the end of the tunnel? 

Possibly not. Growing numbers of job opportunities in other sectors, plus a lack of the usual overseas workers could see these challenges becoming more acute.