Have you gone virtual for your internships? If not, you should! There are many many reasons to consider it and this is one of the most important. 

The finance and accounting sector has seen a 4% decrease in work experience opportunities and this is rising. We know that children in poor areas don't get the work experience they need and the pandemic is making this worse as discussed in my recent blog here. More recently Bright Network’s report of 15,000+ graduates’ sentiment, What Do Graduates Want 2021/2022 shows that the pandemic has exacerbated inequalities around access to good careers for graduates that existed before coronavirus – particularly, between graduates that were privately-educated and those that were state-educated. 

As this article explores.... "As firms adjust their business models in reaction to the pandemic and implement long-term plans for more distributed ways of working, there’s a huge opportunity to reconsider the whole structure of internships, and encourage a departure from an old reliance on networks and contacts, improving social mobility and equality of opportunity."

It cites a fantastic case study example of Intel, who replaced their traditional internship programme with a virtual one when the pandemic struck, generating the highest-ever US Intern Glassdoor ranking the company has ever seen. It has since decided to continue an online-only programme through to September of this year as the world looks to ease out of the pandemic.   

So long as you make sure that access to technology isn't a barrier, virtual internships make work experience much more accessible to young people, helping to make the talent pool much less concentrated on students from advantaged backgrounds. 

We know this works because we delivered an early careers talent pipeline that represents modern diverse capital city to our our long standing partner, Transport for London. 

We dramatically grew the proportion of female hires from 20% to 36% and delivered 67% BAME/BIPOC hires for their apprenticeship programme. 

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