Heartening to see growing optimism in the marketplace around recruiting activity and intentions - as evidenced through reports from ONS, media channels and CIPD.

Recruitment has always been a bellwether for the economy and growth is naturally viewed positively.

However this competition for talent is already translating into more candidates 'ghosting' employers. A recent poll by PeopleScout highlights a 20% increase in candidates withdrawing post-offer and a 17% upswing in non attendance at assessment centres and final interview.

And whilst there's naturally been alot of coverage/interest around Candidate Experience over the past couple of years, we're now entering a time when employers can look beyond their surveys and NPS scores to see the impact on the business of disengaged candidates. Whatever your industry, a lack of chefs/contact centre staff/salespeople etc will have a direct impact on your ability to meet customer demand.

Call to action? Take a good hard look at your recruitment processes and - using Dave Brailsford’s principle around marginal gains – look for enhancements that personalise or streamline.