We hosted a fascinating panel discussion last week with speakers from Nationwide Building Society, Colt Technology, Zendesk, Heathrow Airport and Amey discussing their approaches to hybrid hiring as we begin to see signs of increased optimism and confidence of a post-pandemic world.

Our panel spoke about hybrid hiring strategies relating to balancing in-person and virtual hiring activities, blending internal TA teams with expert outsourced resources and how to effectively workforce plan in such extraordinary times. We also had time for some insights on how to successfully drive TA transformation internally within organizations.

For some, the pandemic has accelerated their organization’s growth strategies and driven significant hiring volume increases. For others the pandemic has necessitated a deep dive into the most effective way of recruiting in a post-pandemic world – effectively looking under the hood and fine-tuning whilst the engine is stopped.

All agreed that the journey towards greater use of technology in recruiting had been accelerated as a result of the pandemic and that it had yielded positive outcomes. There is no going back and a mix of technology-enabled in-person and virtual activities is here to stay. A number of examples of technology delivering efficiency and high experience levels were shared. We also heard about the need to adapt your hiring approach and process relative to factors such as job category, early career v experienced hire and geography.

Workforce dynamics was discussed, and it was interesting to note a shift towards greater internal mobility through the pandemic. There was strong agreement on the need to continue to bring in external talent for a variety of reasons including the need to drive forward on Diversity & Inclusion. The need to scale and flex to meet unexpected demand is clearly an imperative and the panel shared their views on how to build this into a delivery model. There were some valuable insights shared around partnering with RPO providers, including how to determine what to outsource, how to select the right partner and how to build out the business case.

Attracting talent continues to be a key theme for TA leaders, our recent PeopleScout survey placed this #1 in terms of challenges that HR & TA leaders are facing. This topic was discussed by the panel whose focus is firstly on determining which talent pools to target and then on how to accentuate a positive Employer Brand through the recruiting process, provide exceptional candidate experience and onboard new hires effectively. Again a few innovative approaches on how to do this is a hybrid hiring environment were shared – clearly recruiting resources lie at the heart of this and play a critical role in providing a clear cultural insight to potential hires. The audience chat also threw up some interesting points around tax implications of hiring anywhere as well as adapting ancient probation period policies.

A highly interactive and conversational 60 minutes with some great expertise shared by talent leaders working within some of the most challenging business sectors.