I happened across this great article by Allyn Bailey earlier this week on the critical subject of Talent Acquisition transformation. 

Allyn is the Talent Acquisition Transformation Leader at Intel Corp and her article contains many excellent insights, gained through considerable experience, as well as some rockin’ Kenny Rogers lyrics too, what’s not to like? What is dear to my heart is that Allyn focuses on practical tips for Talent Acquisition leaders rather than textbook change principals and theories, it resonated so positively with me that I feel compelled to share and add my own thoughts – this was certainly my LI post highlight of the week!

Day to day, I continue to see a real focus around change from all the Talent Acquisition leaders that I work with. Many are concerned with:

-  how they can diagnose the change that is required as we start to emerge into a post-pandemic world, 

- how they can create the business commitment to TA change amidst a multitude of competing initiatives and finally 

- how they can successfully embed the required change across their organizations when many are already change weary.

One awesome quote in particular resonated strongly with me.

I have seen many leaders fall into the trap of diving straight, working in a silo removed from the operational reality or adopting approaches that worked successfully at other companies with no application of their unique business scenario & challenges – essentially prescribing change before first properly diagnosing. 

Your business case has to be 100% focused on your unique challenges to be effective.

How do you do this? 

I’m a massive advocate of the power of curiosity and it fits well here – as a TA leader driving change you need to truly understand your operational reality by asking questions, listening and re-validating with data and insight. 

By doing so you can be confident that your business case will hit the right mark and enable you to build the right internal momentum for change.

Join myself and a panel of Talent Acquisition leaders on 27th April as we discuss the future role of hybrid recruiting in a post-pandemic world. 

One of the topics we will cover is how Talent Acquisition can lead change and you will leave with more practical tips on driving Talent acquisition transformation in today’s uncertain world. Register using the link below:


Really interested to hear your thoughts on this topic, please do comment. I am sure, like me, you will be eagerly waiting for part II from Allyn.