I’ve spent the past 20 years connecting companies with talented people. Like many in my profession the start of 2020 necessitated a sharp change of direction as we adapted to delivering all-virtual hiring processes for our clients whilst reassuring recruiters, hiring managers and the many jobseekers that this new approach made sense. This included one PeopleScout RPO client who put 2,500 candidates through a fully virtual assessment center in just 12 weeks at the height of the global pandemic.

Over the past few months whilst joining PeopleScout UK, I have experienced all-virtual recruiting and onboarding as a candidate for the first time, with much of the process occurring whilst I was based 3,654 miles away. I found it a seamless, informative and reassuring journey, thought had been put into the process down to my handpicked success coach who has been such a godsend during my first two weeks here. Would I have liked to have met my manager in-person, seen our offices – yes absolutely but given the reality we all have experienced the process worked for me.

The question however is if I were going through the process again in a post-pandemic world would that work for me still? Personally, no, I would want a final face to face interview before making my investment decision and I suspect many feel the same – as a result critical parts of the process relating to final selection decision and onboarding may well revert to in-person as we emerge to a brighter future.

We know that the external landscape continues to shift frequently but with vaccines starting to be distributed around the world the desire for a post-pandemic world no longer feels like a far-off dream. As HR and TA leaders start to focus more on their future workforce requirements a key consideration will be how to create the right balance between virtual and in-person recruiting. Has the pandemic truly accelerated our approach to using technology and to engaging through connected workplaces or is it a momentary adaption to cope with the situation we all faced.

Ultimately, I believe the right mix of virtual and in-person recruiting will be driven by the specific needs and challenges each organization has. A hybrid approach makes much sense, especially if it also addresses the need for organizational agility and flexibility to support hiring volatility.

Join me on 27th April when I will be hosting a live panel discussion with a number of HR and TA leaders as we discuss Why Hybrid recruiting will be critical. For more info and to sign up please click the link or message me directly. https://www.peoplescout.co.uk/landing-pages/hybrid-recruiting-series/