From my "non-expert" perspective, it's been really encouraging  to see International Women's Day (IWD) growing in status and stature each year. 

This week, my various social media  timelines have been full of individuals and organisations contributing thought-provoking and positive content around the subject.

 At Peoplescout, I work with a countless number of super-talented females in every department of our company who continue to wow me and raise expectations for me personally, every day. 

IWD is of course, one initiative that is part of the wider topic of equality, diversity and inclusion, the recognition of which has grown more than  exponentially in the last year or two, both in terms of prominence and visibility as society recognises the pace of positive change needs to quicken. Logically, as society changes, companies recognise the need to be progressive and inclusive here in order to also attract diverse, forward-thinking talent. 

For Peoplescout, this increase has manifested itself in a huge number of our clients approaching us about what they can do to improve their own credentials in the "EDI" space. 

Not just as some glossy, "90'sBenetton style" marketing exercise, but through the recognition that by having a more diverse talent attraction programme, the benefits your organisation will reap are vast and varied. 

In my experience though, most clients, whether said explicitly or implied from talking to them, say the same thing; 

"we really want to do work around improving our EDI capabilities but are not sure what to do or where to start".

It's for that reason amongst others, that Peoplescout have launched an EDI Maturity Index Audit. 

This comprises a series of audit tools around various aspects of a companies' talent acquisition function (think communications, culture, brand etc.) and helps to call out aspects of its' TA programme, in terms of how evolved (or otherwise) it is as regards its EDI credentials . 

The audit is quick (and relatively inexpensive in my opinion) but allows a company to take that first step in recognising where they excel (and so it can shout about this to the wider world) or perhaps where they are still "immature" or evolving and so need to focus more time on making improvements. 

Once companies have this tangible data that the audit provides, it's a lot easier to go from "where do i start" to understanding where the priorities are and what actions a team can take towards making a positive, EDI related change. 

As always, please contact me if you'd like to know more about this product or any other talent acquisition related challenge your organisation may be having.