We hosted a fascinating panel discussion yesterday with speakers from HS2, Circle Health Group, Voyage Care, Wellcome Trust & Robertson Group discussing the challenges around managing too many applications whilst, at the same time, people with niche skills are more reluctant move job.

Our panel spoke about changing candidate expectations with many organisations receiving applications from ‘over-qualified’ candidates desperate for work.

For some, this is a priceless opportunity to bring in new talent, but there were also concerns over their longer-term commitment if job prospects in other sectors improved. We also heard about increasing numbers of offers being declined as people got anxious about ‘jumping ship’ and also more aggressive behaviour from unsuccessful candidates.

Feedback was a key topic with candidates increasingly seeking more meaningful feedback – something that TMP has picked up separately in our own research. Our data shows that the quality of candidate feedback is the single critical factor in shaping how they judge their overall candidate experience. So bear that in mind when you’re reviewing your NPS ratings!

Employer brand & EDI were key themes, with the focus shifting from shaping initial impressions and marketing materials through to a more holistic total candidate journey approach that engaged meaningfully with potential hires at more stages.

Increasing candidate scarcity for niche roles was mentioned several times, as professionals (understandably) are more reticent to move employer and there was widespread recognition both with the panel and in the chat stream of the need to have segmented recruitment processes for different audiences. One size definitely doesn’t fit all.

A breathless 60 minutes with great pearls of wisdom shared by talent leaders in some of the most challenging business sectors.