I've been thinking about what lessons can be learned from this pandemic. One thing that sprang to mind was accelerated pace of technological change that has occurred in the realms of both work (and our personal lives). Companies are now benefiting from flexible working patterns. Employees are saving time and money by not enduring daily commutes. Business are better off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds by using virtual technology as opposed to travelling to, or hosting every meeting in person.

Whilst I would certainly not advocate a workforce being exclusively remote-based and the benefits of in-person meetings and collaboration are something I wholeheartedly recognise, I do think the world of work is a better place now that people have adjusted to the technologies that enable these changes. BUT....these changes are "adoption by duress". Essentially, the vast majority of organisations would not have advanced in the way they have, had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the situation upon them and now, what 12 months ago seemed progressive, is now the norm. 

True early adopters are those pioneers, lagging slightly behind the "innovators", that together make up roughly 15% of the working population in the "change bell curve" who embrace and recognise the potential benefits that come through technological advancement, rather than wait for evidence that a certain innovation or trend is now safely verified and part of majority use. 

I would argue that we all business should take confidence from the lessons of this last 12 months then. Be more proactive in this regard, less risk averse. Try new things before the crowd. 

Applying this to the world of talent acquisition specifically, it does feel that the rate of change in terms of available technology options and software solutions is growing exponentially. To what degree and at what pace a team decide to move away from traditional, human led approaches in favor of either a hybrid or a technology-led alternative, is down to choice. But it feels  like a global community of early adopters are collectively sat at home muttering "see...that wasn't so bad, was it?!" to every business leader who was too afraid to adopt home working and virtual technology until it was forced upon them. 

Lets not forget also, adopting new technology doesn't necessitate turning your back on traditional methods of execution, the two approaches work best in harmony. 

So with all that in mind, surely businesses should be now proactively looking at what else they can do before the competition to get that competitive edge and that USP to improve candidate experience and in turn, talent attraction capabilities. 

PeopleScout continues to advise clients on a range on tech innovations, from A.I. software solutions and automated, smart talent pooling technologies through to virtual assessment solutions and creative, video led technology for approaching passive talent. Please have a conversation with me if you feel you need to give more consideration to how the capabilities of your organisation could be sharped through new innovation.