I love this blog I found on the HRO Today website. It genuinely describes what a RPO Partner, like PeopleScout, can bring to an Organisation.

2020 was a very remarkable year. We all know that.

Whether through coming down with Covid-19 ourselves, or knowing family, friends and colleagues who have caught the virus, we've had a year of personal impact like no other. On top of that 2020 was a strange year for work within the RPO world.

We saw a complete stop in Europe as the EU and the UK went into Lockdowns. Companies shifted there workforce, where possible, to work remotely from home, or come up with a new way of working. This required huge amounts of internal effort, outside the box thinking and agile leadership. We experienced it ourselves here at PeopelScout, we were not immune!

But then the dust settled and many companies realised that they could still be product with a remote workforce, and we started to see activity pick up. But the traditional ways of recruitment, selection and assessment were no longer fit for purpose. New ways and new digital means needed to be embraced.

Here at PeopleScout we saw a rapid shift in thinking from our clients. A shift to Virtual Assessment Centres, more online Assessment tools such as Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) or online assessments. Video interviewing became the norm. Change was rapid, change was digital and virtual. Change was here to stay!

I've been talking about this shift with my clients and with my family and friends. It was a shift the RPO industry had been pushing for, wanting the world  to embrace the digital recruitment evolution. Client's were skeptical and risk adverse. They were happy with how they recruited. The change needed to be slow and steady. Not fast and rapid!

The changes have been remarkable. Just in my own portfolio we've rolled out 4 different volume virtual assessment centres, 4 video interview solutions, a randomised SJT, countless online tests and a new Applicant Tracking System. 

As a partner we've been Adaptable, Flexible, Innovative, Creative, Resilient and reliable. As part of a wider industry sector I can safely say that the RPO world has equally been all of the above.  This is a great read that nails what a great partner RPO organisations have been to their customers.

Drop me a line if you want to know how we've partnered our customers here at PeopleScout.

And enjoy the read.