What is an RPO partnership for? Helping organisations access the right talent for sure – but what about vice versa?  Helping candidates connect with a business, not just finding ways to remove them from a selection process, is a vital part of our work.

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I’ve written before about how the best Recruiters (read: PeopleScout Recruiters) can guide and support candidates honestly and appropriately but that doesn’t just have to happen on a one-to-one level in an interview or feedback session.

Through our strategic partnerships, we can help wider audiences think differently about their own potential and skills, and what value they might add to an organisation.  That approach reaches and engages talent others might overlook. Here’s an example of some work we did with Defra to bring to life the purpose of Civil Service Success Profiles.  Asking candidates to “show off the true you” is a long way from a job advert (or a Recruiter sat behind it) seeking experience in the exact same role or sector as an essential requirement.

A quick question to consider: what do you really need to know about a job applicant?  Biographical information, years of education, and even job experience are less predictively valid than other modes of assessment.  You’ll get much more indication of future success from behavioural and skills-focused interviews and tests.  One of our teams recently put together a case for removing CV screening from a customer care recruitment exercise based on this principle.

I haven’t yet been able to watch the job clinic now sitting at the heart of Channel 4’s lunchtime programming but I found the Guardian article by its host Steph McGovern explaining its purpose to be powerful reading.  I’m inspired by the spotlight Steph’s shining on what she calls “skills snobbery” and I applaud the businesses which have participated in the job clinic so far.

Here’s to all of them for helping people – particularly those struggling to access employment – to think about skills differently and to put that thinking at the forefront of assessment and recruitment.  I’m particularly pleased to see Openreach represented here with the clear message: “If people have got the right attitude, the right mindset, the right customer service and teamwork ethos, we can train them to be great engineers.” That’s the spirit and confidence you want to see from a potential employer!  I’m proud to say that PeopleScout worked with Openreach on one of its biggest ever trainee engineer recruitment drives.  Our success hinged on candidate outreach - breaking down preconceptions of video interviews, better informing candidates and giving them confidence in the process.

What is an RPO partnership for? Why should the answer not be - to inspire people (and businesses) and to help them to realise their worth.