As an award-winning RPO/MSP and Brand & Communications company, we live and breath the importance of internal and external candidate communications. 

An article I recently read in Recruiter looked at the upcoming and already delayed implementation of IR35 in the private sector. "Released exclusively to, Qdos’ survey of over 1,400 contractors to be affected by IR35 reform revealed:

  • 57% have not been contacted by their end-client about IR35 reform.
  • 15% have received a Status Determination Statement (SDS), outlining their perceived IR35 position.
  • Of those who have had their contract assessed, 56% have been determined as outside IR35, with 44% deemed inside the legislation.
  • 28% have been informed of their end-clients strategy for the changes but are yet to be issued with an SDS.
  • 70% believe businesses see IR35 as the biggest barrier to engaging contractors."

Given that IR35 in the private sector has already been postponed from April 2020 due to Covid, I'm surprised that companies,  contractors and agencies are not better prepared in 2021. Regardless of whether any rumoured further delays materialise! 

Given the data in this survey by Qdos, its likely most companies reading this are going to be affected in one way or another. As someone who has previously worked on a project for contingent workers and statement of work, I'd highly recommend that you prioritise preparation for IR35 to ensure compliance. Especially if you are an organisation providing professional services to your customers where contingent workers provide the specialist skills and knowledge to deliver those services. 

After all, the last thing you need is to lose talent to the competition who are fundamental to your organisation in achieving both its strategic and financial objectives. 

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