I did what many people probably did this year, I registered for Amazon Prime membership. With many retail outlets closed and government advice to stay indoors, it was a pretty easy decision. Now my Amazon app is pretty much my gateway to most things I buy, it has certainly been the focal point of my Christmas shopping! 

Recently I've started thinking about what this means for industry and society in general. To begin with, some reports claim Amazon's owner is now the richest person in the world, valued somewhere near to $200 Billion. What is the impact on industry and jobs? I recently listened to a really interesting podcast about "Amazon Fresh" (Amazon's fresh food delivery service) in the US. It sounds like recruitment is continuous such is the demand! I didn't realise that we have Amazon fresh in the UK, at the moment it is only limited to London and parts of the South East. How soon will it be before we see other regions of the UK eligible for Amazon Fresh?

The latest figures show that Amazon is now 5th in the list of largest private employers! However, none of the employers above Amazon has the reach like Amazon! And arguably they don't stand to gain as much from this Pandemic as Amazon!

I wonder how long it will take before we all know someone who works for Amazon? - In the same way, we all know someone who works for the NHS? 

The article below highlights some good news stories of new jobs created by Amazon in some areas of the country which need them most. I'm sure some will question, but at what cost to retailers and grocers who compete to sell the same products? 

Others will say, this is just about embracing change!