We hear a lot about 'customer-centricity'. Putting the customer centre at the heart of everything you do. But, our candidate experience research and whitepaper published earlier this year suggests that we still have a long way to go! 

This week, my colleague Rowena Bach hosted the 2nd part of our "The race to reach the best early careers talent - how to get ahead in 2021" with a live panel debate which you view on-demand here (and by the way, it's a must-watch if you're an Early Careers specialist!).  In this two-part series some fascinating research statistics were presented that included;

  • Female applicants are 5% less likely to apply for a role than males because they think they are unsuitable
  • 40% of candidates received no more information than the time and location of their assessment centre before attending

But the one thing that stood out for me was the online poll we conducted during the debate where we asked whether the audience currently, intends to or has no plans to use NPS to measure their candidate experience with the following results;

  • 7% currently do
  • 21% don't plan to 
  • 64% intend to start and
  • 7% have other plans

But why is this important? Well, our research in candidate experience said only 5% of candidates rated their experience excellent. And staggeringly, 66% of candidates have never been asked to provide feedback on their recruitment experience. Yet 9 out of 10 have provided feedback when asked.

Well done to the 7%. If you're utilising this feedback I'm sure you'll drive continuous improvement in your candidate experience, and be leading the way!

For the 64% who intend to start, a great choice. You'll soon be on the way to an initial candidate experience benchmark. By using this data and feedback you'll drive a continuous improvement programme to really raise the standards in candidate experience. 

To those who don't, or don't plan to. Why not? What have you got to lose? As Jeff Bezos once said “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room,”

So what are your candidates saying about yours?