Here we are in the second week of the second lockdown.

How's it going this time round?

For me I can answer this in two parts.

From a social aspect I can no longer meet my friends or invite them into the house, I can't get my parents down to see me and more importantly see their grandson, and I can't play hockey anymore. This is the most galling as having been promoted from last season we were flying high sitting 2nd in the league!

So basically my social interaction has been changed to virtual or phone only.

From a work perspective actually not a lot has actually changed from the the previous month. My clients were not yet back in the office and were staying at home in the main. I myself have remained at home, I've even shuffled our rooms around to give us a second office and remove me from the dining room.

So I'm still working from home and still being productive. Interreacting with my clients over Zoom and occasionally going old school and using the phone. With my colleagues I'm still using Teams, being collaborative and making sure we all stay in touch with one another.

I know I've written about this before that Flexible Working is changing and becoming more of a priority for employers and employees. However my views are very European bias. So it was with great interest that I read this BLOG from my US colleague Eric Dyson.

Like here in Europe and the UK, there is a significant increase in people now working from home. Companies are recognizing more and more how beneficial flexible working is for employee well being and ultimately the companies output. 

Eric goes on to explore how empowering employees to be responsible for their own diary management has led to an increase in productivity, where in some cases employees are getting back 14 hours a week in commute time and how businesses now have access to a much larger and more diverse talent pool of candidates.

It's a good read and I highly recommend taking the time to pause and go through this article. There are so many similarities as well as some subtle differences from our US friends. 

I will leave you with this one thought of mine. My wife and I have significantly reduced our travel, both by car and plane. If households both side of the Atlantic are similarly impacted like this then surely the one benefit we can all add is Environmental. I look forward to reading more about this as the studies come out!