As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and talent leaders around the world respond to the constant uncertainty, many are partnering with resourcing and technology providers" writes Nicola Fuqua, Trend Writer here at PeopleScout. 

She has a point. 

The most common discussion point I'm having with TA leaders around the world is managing the increased volume of candidates. 

Hiring needs and demands on your HR tech are changing. We are challenged daily to supplement internal talent acquisition teams by bringing in additional recruiters, and adding technology – automation technology and digital tools – to handle the increase in volume of hires and applications.

I'm an Recruiter On Demand convert. OK OK. I know. I work here. But! I was a stalwart 'in-house' only HR professional. Until I saw how it can be done differently. 

Especially in this pandemic where resourcing teams have been decimated and supplemented by staff from other disciplines. 

And everything is a 100% virtual process now. That has been a big shift for all our clients. In order to adapt we've introduced an emotional intelligence expert into our teams to make sure that we're helping ease the transition to virtual without losing momentum. 

This also means that implementation is faster. And speed is important right now because lots of customers want to get going quicker as their businesses flex to ever changing market environments. 

All I see are benefits. Highest calibre candidate experience. Highest calibre candidates for that matter. There’s no risk in having to make head count investments or reductions. No large teams to manage freeing resourcers to partner HR and the business in more strategic ways. 

You simply share what the demand is - we build in processes to make sure that we’re available to hit those targets - and, just as quickly, turn it off again. 

This article has a fascinating interview with Nicola, it's worth a coffee break read. There's a lot of promo speak in there (of course - we're proud of what we achieve) but it's mixed with practical advice for those thinking about using Recruiter On Demand services or who have an resourcing partner and want to get it working for you smarter and harder.