"98% of students said the most important factor when choosing a job is that the organisation treats them fairly". 

A telling stat from the latest round of research courtesy of the ISE. 

The experience candidates have with you is even more important now. 

Bet you think your candidate experience is ok... 

Firstly, if you don't have a net promoter score (NPS) in place it's impossible to genuinely tell. The number one push back from our clients on implementing an NPS data collection process is concern about the results. YET! It's more important to fear the impact of a poor experience. AND! Typically we find improving candidate experience relatively simple. 

For example... 

Our recent research (sign up here for the full results) revealed that the #1 reason for failing to complete an application form was it's length. Not new news to those who've been around the block as I have, a few times, but it's still an issue. 

Just yesterday I was talking with a new client about simplifying their application process to increase the quality of their hires. 

I love a win win win, don't you? 

Let me know if you'd like to talk about your candidate experience: rowena.bach@peoplescout.co.uk