I'm a sucker for an analogy, for some reason. On the back of that, the trends that we are seeing in the recruitment market, due to COVID 19, draw several parallels for me with the nuances of the holiday and travel industry currently. The elusive "unicorn candidate" is much like the much sought after bargain holiday. In normal times, vast amount of effort and searching was required on ones behalf if you were to land one of either. Currently, due to a quirk of this awful pandemic, the savvy recruiter and the bargain loving traveler can enjoy an embarrassment of riches with never before seen amounts of available talent.. and cheap holidays, abound. 

However, both markets will, many predict, imminently and dramatically shift. Holiday markets will boom. Sun and culture starved folks will soon begin trawling "google flights" and "booking.com" as the restrictions lift, just as employers will soon recruit in droves as the financial outlook brightens globally . The supply and demand axis will pivot. Once again, those in search of cheap getaways will have to think smart and recruiters seeking the best talent will have to be more creative than the competition in order to engage and attract certain skill sets.

But what can be done now?

Not to prevent this inevitable market shift, but to truly "make hay" in terms of building pipelines? Now, of course, is the time to be pipelining talent. Not simply to engage those people for discussion around  near immediate hiring but to increase your organisations brand, to reinforce its EVP and to lay the foundations for meaningful discussions around your employers opportunities when this pandemic is (hopefully) no more than a difficult memory. 

My colleague Eric Dyson has written an excellent article in the current issue of Peoplescout's "Next" magazine, on this very topic. In it, he cites leveraging your careers site, using chat bots, engaging talent on social channels and sending meaningful communications as great ways of engaging with and pooling talent for the future. He rightly states that talent pipelining begins with your employer brand. 

I'd really encourage any recruiters to give it a read. So, just as you might give self-praise for your intelligent forward planning over that Autumn 2021 getaway you booked, as you enjoy a cool poolside drink in whatever your destination of choice might be, you can rightly pat yourself on the back for the talent you and your hiring managers  will reap the benefits of in the future, that you have the foresight to engage right now.