It's widely recognised that there is a real need for more specialists within the digital and technology industries in the UK.

Just last year, The Open University published their ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ research report, which highlighted the extent of the growing problem and its impact on UK companies, with nine in 10 organisations admitting to having a shortage of digital skills within their workforce, which they believe is already having a significant negative impact on productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

And that was before COVID accelerated everyone's digital focus.  

A recent McKinsey report highlights that despite much higher retention levels, three in four CEOs are still worried about not having the talent they need for the future.

What’s more, the Institution of Engineering and Technology recently published its latest ‘Skills and Demand in Industry report’, which too revealed that more than half of UK engineering and technology companies believe a shortage of engineers poses a direct threat to their business, roughly equating to a shortfall of around 59,000 new engineering graduates and technicians a year.

A glance at the headlines would assume that increasing unemployment will fix this problem. But the harsh reality is that whilst employers are struggling to deal with the sheer volume of applications for any advertised role, quality – in many areas - is reducing.

This isn’t surprising as people still employed are digging in and keeping their heads down – even if they’re coveted elsewhere.

A recent survey by PeopleScout indicates that one in four (29%) of the 1,100 professionals surveyed have put their job search on hold due to COVID-19, with 60% of respondents saying that they’re likely to stay put for the next six months and 43% agreeing that moving would be ‘too risky’

Among the professionals that have put a pause on their job search, a quarter (25%) said they won’t start looking again until the lockdown is completely lifted, while nearly three quarters (70%) said they’ll start their search again later in the year.

So, if you’re looking to drive digital transformation, you’ll need to work harder to hire the best talent. A distinctive marketing, engagement & recruitment plan - outside of your standard processes – which majors on high -touch candidate experience needs to be top of your list.

Happy hunting.