At Peoplescout, we were recently asked to complete a survey on our flexible working preferences. Clearly, this is something we are planning for post-Covid restrictions. Like many organisations, we have had success in moving everyone to a temporary home working model. From a personal point of view I prefer working in the office, something I wrote about previously (I miss the office), but for many others working from home has been positive. 

It got me thinking about what could happen if an organisation really embraced flexible working and working from home. It raises all sorts of questions and possibilities. In particular, it could unlock challenges organisations have with attracting diverse candidates. This could be anything from working parents, physical restrictions that previously would have prevented applicants going into the office, location challenges, the list goes on. My colleague Robert Peasnell has recently written an article (Will you make the most of the opportunity?) about the opportunities employers can create for attracting BAME and female talent.  

It could also solve issues around hard to fill roles. How attractive would it be if you could tell a software engineer that much of the work they can do is home-based? Your recruiters are then free to search for any location, regardless of where your office is based. 

We are now seeing data which shows that one of the top search terms for job seekers is "working from home". 

If home working has worked for your organisation, then it might be time to take the brave step and really start promoting this as a benefit to the talent which otherwise may have overlooked you!

This article raises some really interesting points like working abroad, reduction in pay and health and safety