No doubt everyone in the UK is acutely aware of the current "tiered" system of rules and regulations around COVID-19, that are being rolled out to a greater or lesser extent across the country.

But for the benefit of any of my connections who aren't UK based, in essence, our Government has opted to categorise the electoral boroughs of England so that they fall into one of three levels or "tiers" of day-to-day restrictions. For instance, how many friends or family we can see indoors and out and whether pubs or restaurants can remain open in each region. The severity of each tier being  (loosely) related to the rate of incidence of COVID cases in each. 

Yes, sadly, I reside in one the select few areas catagorised as "Tier 3" (the areas under the toughest restrictions). Far be it from me to express any kind of personal, political opinion in regards to the effectiveness of our current political cabinet, but I did take one useful work-based learning at least, from this tiered system approach of theirs... 

A client of mine recently lamented to me around how together, we've identified so many interesting initiatives that they would love to work on but how a lack of time or organisation often prevented them from being able to get round to making a meaningful start on them. 

So, we came up with the idea of creating a tiered system of priorities for 2021, from all the various "nice ideas" we'd discussed over the course of 2020 but had as yet not set to work on. In tier 3, those initiatives that were critical; those that needed to be in place in order for other projects to begin or those fundamentally relevant to the organisations 2021 goals. In tier 1, those projects that would benefit the business but for whatever reason, could be "moth-balled" until a later date and so on for tier 2 with those that sat in between. We put together a spreadsheet of all projects and are due to meet soon to finalise our list of tiered, 2021 priorities. 

By doing this, we're hopefully cutting through the perception that the "to-do" list is overwhelming and breaking it down into manageable monthly or quarterly targets. What was once a daunting task becomes more feasible and we are less likely to put it off for another week. 

So I'd maybe encourage you to do the same when thinking about the year ahead. Pick out three or four key goals (even one or two if easier)  and when to tackle them. Then decide on those that can follow after. And of course, contact PeopleScout to help you efficiently and quickly realise them! 

Hopefully by such a time that myself and the client are congratulating each other on a well delivered project, my local pub might have re-opened in time for me to raise a glass in celebration....