I’m not sure if it's just me, but I seem to be more and more confused as the weeks past as to what we can and can’t do in our day to day lives! I know that, if the messages were this unclear from my employer or the significant amount of recruitment campaigns we deliver for our customers, then chaos (not even organised) broken out!

We’ve gone from a Nando’s style chilli chart (I quite liked that one, but what happened to it?!) to a bland Medium, High and Very High chart. Yet still, I am not entirely sure what the differences are, other than I am glad not to be in Liverpool at this present time!

This got me thinking and referring back to a post by my colleague Lee Griffiths on the 31st March which you can read here. Titled ‘The use of simple language’, maybe our government and scientific advisors could take note. But, this article makes a very strong and valid point when it comes to customer or candidate communications. In times of uncertainty, peoples anxiety levels will increase significantly when they aren’t clear about what is going to happen and they are heading into the unknown. So, what does this mean in internal and external recruitment activity? Here are my top tips to think about;

  • Opportunities for internal talent and mobility may be limited, so communicate regularly. setting and manage expectations. Be clear and transparent about your ambitions, balancing the immediate needs with the medium to long term view. What part can they play to help the company achieve those ambitions?
  • Opportunities for external talent visiting your website may not be available like they were previously. Take the opportunity to engage this talent – communicate how the current climate is impacting your organisation and employees and what you are doing to support them. Reassure by sharing plans and where they may fit in. Guide them on preparing for those opportunities and how can they use this time to best prepare, including the skills that are going to be required
  • Allow candidates to ‘register their interest’ and create a content plan and vehicle (possibly a CRM) that will allow you to keep them up to date with developments
  • Through the content plan, share content that helps candidates feel like you are investing in them, such as ‘how-to guides’ or ‘top tips’ on video/telephone interviews and virtual assessment. There are lots of great, free content out there such as this article for Graduates from Bright Network

At some point, the economy is going to bounce back. Make sure you’re positioned well to capitalise and bounce back with the best talent in the market!