It's budget setting season, and it's a tricky one. The recovery from the Covid-19 crisis is not here yet - not in health, social or economic terms. We're not even at the reset point some businesses had hoped for; PeopleScout UK won't be alone in having begun/planned for a return to partial office working, only to shift direction in late September.

The idea that the current situation and outlook makes planning hard is not a stunning insight. Is post-pandemic thinking relevant? When does that phase even begin? How should a business prioritise and make the right cost decisions?

The article linked below puts responsibility in the limelight.  A topic where thought and deed has accelerated in 2020, but it ain’t no passing craze. It has focus as a priority: “78% of directors believed that customers are paying more attention to responsible business practices since the pandemic.” My experience in RPO tells me where consumer habits lead, candidate behaviour is sure to follow – and savvy People and Resourcing teams fully understand the candidate as customer concept.

Just as when they are consumers, candidates have high standards and expectations: “52% of workers say company value and culture were their top influences when accepting a job in the current climate.”

The areas discussed in the article – inclusive engagement, keeping Culture front and centre, telling positive stories – are just as relevant to talent acquisition as they are to employee engagement.  The best recruitment functions (or partners – hello<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->) will be those that help businesses protect engagement and culture budgets, showing and sharing their value to Build Back Better in 2021.