Diversity is a very topical subject. There are numerous articles, blogs, vlogs and studies out there all telling you how important it is.

And it is important. We've seen right across the globe how emotionally explosive diversity can be if you don't treat it with the importance it deserves.

This transcends into the work place and impacts performance right through the organization. As whole and at an individual level, if you get Diversity wrong then performance, output even well being can be hindered.  

We need to understand what Diversity is and how to apply it into the work place. It should be recognised that it is not a simple case of just hiring more diverse workforce. Yes this helps, but organisations need to look internally at themselves. Is their Culture promoting the right values, environment and inclusivity? 

This article is a great little read helping to make diversity in the workplace clearer and understanding that everyone is unique. People go to work for numerous reasons; necessity, desire, enjoyment, ambition. The message here is that to be diverse you have to accept that everyone is an individual and have their own way to succeed. By harnessing this awareness you can help create an inclusive working culture that promotes and grows a truly diverse environment.