A few weeks ago I celebrated my first working anniversary with PeopleScout. In that first year, I spent a total of 5 months either in a PeopleScout or customer office and the rest of it at home. Hardly what you would expect in the first year!

Reflecting on this, I started to think about the importance of team building and collaboration. What could, possibly would have happened in my first year, if Covid-19 had struck earlier? Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that as in my first year;

  • I learned lots about the customers I was fortunate to be working with, being involved in some fantastic projects such as

    • Service Transformation & Continuous Improvement initiatives as well as
    • Employee & Candidate Focus Groups
    • Introducing Candidate Transactional Net Promoter Score, enhancing the Candidate Experience and
    • Introducing new innovative ways of working such as Virtual Worlds for candidate attraction, engagement and onboarding
  • Been involved in several new business pitches and recently winning a Pan European RPO contract for a large manufacturing company
  • Attending the Personnel Today Awards as well as RAD Awards, where we picked up five awards

Pretty blockbusting, action-packed first twelve months with PeopleScout.

So, going back to the ‘what if Covid-19 had struck earlier?’. Well, I think its fair to say that a lot of the above would have been significantly harder, if not impossible. But why?

In March, like most organisations, we quickly moved to a virtual, home working environment. Face to face meetings quickly turned to Zoom or MS Teams video calls. Even some of the more traditional telephone conversations moved online! However, the investment both I and my colleagues made in that time between me joining in September and March paid dividends! I already had an idea of ‘who was who’, ‘who to go to for what’ and if I was stuck, then someone in my internal network would happily point me in the right direction.

Which brings me to my point! Those new starters, who started virtually in March or after. How did your company ensure they got a positive and productive onboarding and induction experience that I had? We spend some much time and effort recruiting the right people for our business, but so often the importance placed on employees first six to twelve months is not what it should be. The importance of fostering those crucial relationships and unofficial ‘buddies’ has never been so great. Quite simply, it determines a successful or unsuccessful hire, and if you don’t have a plan in place then you are setting people up to fail. 

So, in these uncertain times when Candidate Experience has never been more important, why not take the time and check in on your 'newbies' and ensure they have everything they need to be successful. It may just positively impact your bottom line.

P.S. A massive thank you to all my amazingly talented colleagues across our business who have made me feel so welcome and help me achieve so much. Here is to many more happy and successful years together