Not so long ago, I wrote a short piece about onboarding, signposting tips for recruiting teams to make a difference post-offer.

No concept or notion exists without its opposite (that idea is as old as Plato), but the term ‘offboarding’ is relatively new to me. It engaged my imagination because it’s active, a process that can be shaped and influenced, not an event like a ‘departure’ that either happens or doesn’t.

I was drawn quickly to the concept of 'ethical offboarding' as described in the article linked below.  The advice is not unusual: communicate, support, use technology.  But the application, putting extra focus and effort in to those leaving your business (whether for 2020 news cycle reasons or otherwise) might be fresh thinking for many.

With RPO services in mind, two things stood out for me:

  • How can recruiting teams support the onboarding/offboarding cycle? Every beginning has an end, in fact they are intrinsically linked.  Why not use the same people who interview(ed) people to join your business to complete exit interviews? That’s a synergy that could really add value.

  • Any time there’s a change that impacts a person or team in your business, there is a potential Employer Brand impact to manage.  This is called out in the article in words that really resonated with me: