To state the obvious, Its undeniable that an effective online social presence is not just an effective tool in a companies talent attraction armory, its an essential one, given how prominent a role the online brand plays in the decision making process of a Gen Y/ Z job seeker, when weighing up their application options.

However, several clients have raised the same issues with me on countless occasions, that can be distilled into two main themes; not having enough time or resource to effectively manage social channels and not being sure how to effectively manage the "PR" element of social sites (particularly Glass Door et al) when the interaction with the public may not portray them in the intended best light. 

Its for this reason that our community management offering at PeopleScout has proven to be increasingly popular. For a pretty nominal monthly fee, as much or as little of a companies social media network can be outsourced to Peoplescout to manage on your behalf, in accordance with your approved policies. This ensures that the power of these channels are leveraged in the right way and that the interaction counts for you and not against you. 

The attached article is a couple of years old but covers off the basic principles very nicely for those whose organization may not enjoy a sufficiently evolved and sophisticated social media offering  

If you'd like to know more about our offerings in this area, please get in touch and we can offer a free "social audit" including recommended steps for improvement.