I'm an avid and long term advocate for flexible working. I've written about it numerous times promoting the benefits and advantages. Lockdown has given the world a glimpse of what can be achieved with flexible working albeit in extreme circumstances.

As we move towards something that is getting closer to normality the prospect of commuting and moving back into the office becomes more of a reality. I for one have mixed feelings about this.

Yes, I have missed my colleagues and the office chat that goes with the creative and innovative environment we work within here at PeopleScout.

On the other hand I have not missed the packed trains and tubes that come with my commute to the office. I've also never done more exercise than I have over the last few months since I was at school!

Mentally and physically I feel refreshed and less stressed. I'm no longer worried about being late to pick up my son from School for example. Yet I value the opportunity to be able to poke my head up from the desk and bounce some ideas off of my colleagues.

As I said, mixed feelings.

So it was with genuine interest that I read this article from Ashleigh Webber on Personnel Today. It was nice to read that I am not the only one with these conflicting thoughts. Even at an Employer level there are many different thoughts.

However what lies at the heart of them all is that everyone can now be flexible wit their approach. Rightly, there is no one size fits all solution and this is being reflected in everyone's approach. Long may this continue!