I'm coordinating quite an involved RPO bid with a prospective client for Peoplescout right now and fortunately we are down to the latter stages of the process, along with a handful of other suppliers. It seems the makeup of those vendors remaining offer a distinct choice between automation / technology and "human capital" focused solutions.

This got me thinking; what is the "sweet spot" for integrating technology into RPO delivery; something which, by its very nature, has always been intrinsically people-focused? It's undeniable that technology, firstly in the form of ever advancing ATS systems and currently through innovation like chat bots, AI and other such automation,  has helped productivity and cost savings.

But how much is too much; when does the candidate experience become negatively impacted by a lack of the personal touch for the applicant? The empathy or appreciation for what a company is really like, derived from the interaction and relationship built up with the recruiters from that organisation? Not to mention the risks posed by complete reliance on a system, which can fail or become obsolete / unsupported at short notice?

The answer for any RPO must surely be to find that happy middle ground where technology enhances a recruiter lead experience but doesn’t dwarf it completely.

The article below is worth a read, I thought, if you're current technology stack has saved you ten minutes in your day!