Search 'Strategic HR planning for 2021' in google and nothing new comes up. 

When google doesn't have an answer, it says a lot. We're into the final stretch of 2020 and it feels like the longest year ever. 

Most times we look back to gain insight to look forward. Hindsight is has 20:20 vision, they expression goes.   But looking back isn't going to help us in this "New normal". I'm not going to debate in this blog how New this Normal will be. Today I'm focusing on what HR leaders can do regardless of how New it is. 

What works during uncertainty is to generate direction which in turn sows seeds of certainty. What works when we get hit by a side swipe surprise is to acknowledge the shock, take stock and adapt. What works when everything is a complex as a tangled ball of wool or the concept of relativity is to strip back and simplify.  

Gartner recently summarised precisely my thinking around this. Simply put, HR strategy for the rest of 2020 and 2021 "requires a waste free streamlined approach that produces clear effective measurable communicable plans". 

In this way you are responding to the environment, recovering from shock and traumaand renewing your focus. 

Your plan should be on a single page for the symbolic and practical simplicity that implies. 

Use few key metrics to describe where you are and where you want to get to. Lay out the underlying principles for the approach you wish to take as the drivers for your change. Select the initiatives that will get you there.