Talking to a Client CFO recently, he was almost gleeful when telling me they'd parked a potential employer branding project as '…we don't need that puff 'cause we're not recruiting now ...'.

Which kinda misses the point.

There’s still misconceptions (not helped by some suppliers) that employer branding is all about the activation and amplification stages.

So what’s really interesting at the moment is to spot the employers who are reviewing their employment ‘offer’ and checking it’s relevance.

At the most crass level, if your story-telling and narrative is weighted towards global offices and travel perks, you’re out of step.

At a simple level, there’s a need to check that your ‘deal’ is fit for purpose and reflects how you’re supporting & managing your people right now.

Because with consumers viewing organisations more holistically, a less than authentic employer brand may lead to a customer backlash.

Just ask Wetherspoons or Boohoo.