Hiring in a pandemic is not always as easy as it looks. Recruiters are deluged with applicants but few of those in secure work want to switch employers.

In fact, research conducted over the pandemic by PeopleScout reveals that people still employed are 10% less likely to move jobs than they were at the start of the year - with 43% of employees feeling that it’s too risky to move now.

And this is confirmed by employers recruiting for niche skills in digital, logistics and communications who report an explosion of overall applications with no increase in quality candidates.

What’s more, with onboarding of new hires now virtual, employers are reporting a spike in resignations early in the probation period, as new employees fail to feel the synergy & engagement they expected.

Contrast this with the surge in overall applications from furloughed or displaced workers. 

We’re seeing huge application numbers as candidates adopt a ‘spray and pray’ approach; a poll of recent applicants showed each candidate applying for an average of 20 jobs. Not surprisingly, these cursory applications are leading to higher renege rates at every stage of the recruitment process.

So what’s the takeout for employers? Firstly review your recruitment process and check that it’s fit for purpose. 

Higher touch than ever for those with scarce skills. And technology led with more searingly honest content around the business, work, prospects and culture to discourage the less committed and retain those you seek.

Candidate experience is your differentiator. Less hype and spin. More honesty and authenticity.