I follow PeopleScout Insights as keenly as any external reader.  We’re an RPO business with very developed Talent Consulting advisory teams, so I get to work with a number of talented and passionate people who write well about their areas of expertise.  More than that – they have a clear view on the topics that matter in our industry, because they’re working to solve these challenges within our client partnerships.

One of these colleagues shared a handy image with me recently – the 12 month view of topics of interest for In House Recruitment members:

Here’s a quick summary of content we’ve recently produced on each:

  • Onboarding – thanks IHR community for flagging this topic.  We do a lot of onboarding, a Recruiter’s role is far from finished at the point of offer, but we haven’t written about it recently.  I’ll set that right now.

Our services are extensive: we make and negotiate offers, we create and issue contracts of employment, we facilitate screening and vetting, we even build dedicated onboarding websites where new hires can unlock day 1 prep content and join a talent community.  At the point of hire, talent is a more precious and fragile commodity than ever.  I recognise our onboarding strategies in the tips recently shared by HR Zone but the first sentence of the first tip should certainly be at the forefront of the mind of anyone involved in the recruitment/hiring journey: