It's not business as usual... Clients still use us to recruit high volumes, niche and specialist roles, senior folks, and early careers but how we do it is very different for 2 significant reasons: 

1. It's predominantly virtual

2. Social is at the core

What remains the same is a demand for quality and diverse pipelines full of engaged and committed candidates. 

THese two factors (virtual and social) combined result in a very exciting evolved way of recruiting. One that is personalised to you and the audience and that cultivates a deep genuine interest about you, from the candidates. 

It's not simply signposting roles through emails that highlight an opportunity. And it's not a deep search and selection service (although that is available). It sits in the middle, merging personalised communication in a community space that encourages and generates applications from exactly the people you want. We call it TalentFinder. 

And the results are consistently fantastic. 

Just recently we were appointed to solve a tough recruitment challenge for a central government department. They were looking for 30 senior managers with a tight 3 week turnaround time. Through TalentFinder, we deliver 66 formal committed applications delivering all their hires from a pool of around 900 engaged and curious candidates. All round better calibre and quantity that they had seen before. 

Why? Because we think virtual and live social. 

Let me know if you'd like to find out how TalentFinder could support your recruitment activity today.