Campuses are empty and students are crying out for support, so how should we recruit them?

Before Covid-19 campus activity was a great way to contact students, get them engaged and make a lasting impact. Businesses across a huge range of sectors would regularly pitch up to impress the latest cohort and there was a real sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) if your company didn’t attend. Today, even the most seasoned talent recruiters find themselves in uncharted territory. While everyone’s primary concern is the safety of candidates and staff, keeping the talent acquisition function moving is essential. But now that very few are out and about on campus, what’s the best way to recruit students?

In this article I explain how understanding your audience, using data and going digital, as well as the range of different tech services available to you. 

What's the primary takeaway? 

Hybrid digital + physical strategies and virtual efforts are here to stay. 

What’s more, investment made in virtual activity today won’t be lost as lockdown eases.While virtual events won’t be exactly the same as on campus,creating a stand-out experience will be crucial. And remember,although the virtual world has no physical boundaries, it’s going to be crowded.