I’m lucky to work for a company owned by TrueBlue; a recruitment industry heavy weight with a progressive D&I approach.

Our business leaders have continuously encouraged us to have conversations about the impact of racism, and to continue that dialogue into the future.

They have helped with guidance on how to open a respectful dialogue by supporting us with various resources and inviting us to attend a number of practical workshops run by an internal group named the African American Resource Connection; this talented group led by people of color across the organisation has been supported by some excellent external speakers and facilitators.

It’s been an amazing experience to help me and colleagues better understand racial inequity; and has given me the opportunity to learn and educate in a safe space while building my confidence in talking about it.

Here is a resource that is accessible from outside of TrueBlue; a film broken into small parts featuring stories from racial justice leaders. Its accessible, relatable and I think creates an easy way to start a conversation in the workplace – even if your organisation doesn’t have the resources to support like we do at TrueBlue.