Good news, my RPO accounts are hiring again. The shoots of recovery grow stronger and optimism is a word that I'm beginning to hear more and more.

So now I am talking to my clients about being ready for the remainder of Q3 and Q4 this year as well as Q1 in 2021. Its a nice change, dare I say exciting change, in my conversations. As an RPO organisation its a good feeling to get back to these proactive conversations.

So with that in mind how ready are you and how can your RPO partner help you?

This article lays out some good straight forward advice and step by step guidance. It takes you through how to plan and set up for hiring as well as demonstrating the part that a RPO partner can play, plus the advantages they can bring to the table. It gives some great easy to read explanations and gets straight tot he point.

It's also now has one of my all time favourite descriptions of an RPO organisation and the relationship with the HR and Resourcing teams. It makes sense and is actually how we work with a our customers.

Enjoy reading.