With 650,000 people dropping off the UK payroll, it’s clear that we’re tipping into a recession and those employers still recruiting are already reporting a significant upturn in application volumes – up to four times their normal volumes in some cases.

This wave of applications will only continue to rise. 

So how do employers cope with the volumes whilst maintaining their reputation? Nobody likes being rejected and we’ve all seen the Virgin Media data which directly connects job rejection and loss of customers. Plus they also need to meet their D&I objectives?

It’s worth taking a look at how some of the financial services industry manage people applying for additional financial products and services – conscious that if they reject them clumsily, it could jeopardize existing business with that customer.

What we see here is the use of technology and rich content to showcase the products – and force consumers to really understand them before applying. What’s more, once the application process starts, there are key milestones, where people are quickly notified that they’re unlikely to be successful – and they’re directed to other products/services.

So what’s the learning for employers? All recruitment is about selling and buying – what you offer vs what you’re after.

Now’s the time to shift the dial and ensure that your communications paint a truly authentic view of the organisation, culture and role – and strip off any sugar-coating you’ve previously applied.

It’s also worth reviewing Realistic Job Previews and potentially introducing short pre-application questionnaires ahead of starting the formal application process – to help candidates take themselves out of the process. 

And review the application process itself - build in more early automated filters to take inappropriate people out of the process quickly – without them needing to invest heavily in the process.

After all, those volumes of applications are only going to increase as the year goes on.