As the UK and other countries begin to further relax lockdown, I've taken some time to reflect on what has happened and what lessons have been learned.

Here in the UK we can go and see family and friends, stay the night, go and sit in a pub or restaurant with our friends and move to something that almost resembles pre-lockdown. This is a positive sign that maybe things are on their way to getting better.

At times like this it is good to look back reflect and understand what can be learnt and then take these learnings forward into the future. I've certainly seen that if you can be flexible, agile and quick you'll be presented with opportunities that you may not have had pre-lockdown.

I've read a lot on line that discusses at an individual and personal level, how working from home and health, both mental and physical, has played a significant part in in shaping ways of working during lockdown. However it's been a struggle to find a good article on what business has done.

This article I found to be a good summary of wheat has happened, what lessons we can take and what the future may hold. We know that working will be permanently changed and this article accepts that. I like how it stresses how being agile and speedy has helped businesses, and the rapid move to more digital and virtual platforms has accelerated development in key areas.

Have a read through, I found it interesting and it definitely resonated with some of my views. I hope you enjoy it.