So, lockdown is starting to ease for some. Here in the UK, pubs are now open and I am booked in for my first haircut in 4 months. Long overdue, I hear you say! 

In the last 4 months, we've witnessed an unprecedented pace of change, never seen before. Organisations, within a week, were working from home. MS Teams, Zoom, virtual interview & assessment platforms rolled out universally at breakneck speed. Any concerns for projects like this in the past would have included business readiness, adoption and sustainability concerns. Not anymore. It was a "sink or swim" time! Fortunately for most, we swam! But as time passes, and we continue to work remotely and virtually, how do we ensure we are getting the most out of these tools? 

Here at PeopleScout, we have offered customers our proprietary virtual hiring and assessment solutions for some time, with a structured service support service to maximise their ROI. We continually look at new partners and tools, we think will benefit our customers and candidates. In the last week we started a trial with Hinterview and for myself, their product Hintro. I'm currently experimenting to see how I could potentially use it to keep my network up to date with market insights, products and services. Take a look at my first attempt here, which took at least 20 takes! I am no natural when it comes to video. But this got me thinking.

With the increase in video and other virtual digital platforms, how do best prepare our employees and colleagues to use these tools? In the coming months, with unemployment levels expected to rise significantly, it's going to be harder to engage the right talent in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Having a tool, and a team of naturals in front of the camera, representing your brand and positioning your EVP in the market is going to be more important than ever. Fortunately, PeopleScouts team of talented recruiters are experts in this field. But how prepared are you?