"These are unprecedented times "- I've heard this a lot recently and it is true.

It takes me back to the financial crash in 2008 where I also heard the same 4 words. The similarities to what we are currently going through are strikingly familiar. Back then I was a senior recruiter in an RPO company. Now I'm an Account Director with a diverse group of government and commercial clients. Same sector just a different role and different organisation.

However, it has caused me to pause and think about what lessons I can take from that weird time in 2008 and what I can apply to today's current equally strange times.

At the heart of all of the challenges, obstacles and blockers one thing has remained constant today as it was back then. The ability for my company, colleagues and clients to be flexible, show agility and understand the true meaning of scaling up and down.

This blog from the RPO Association really resonated with me. It gives a great description in how RPO's can be beacon of light, provide genuine innovation and be a true strategic thought leader in times of uncertainty.

I was particularly pleased to read about the how true partnership brings about value in delivery. Never has this been truer than it is today. Personally I've had some amazing conversations with my clients and we've moved heaven and earth to go live with some very innovative solutions to overcome the problems the Coronavirus has thrown at us.

Has it been stressful? - it sure has

Has it been rewarding? - definitely

Have we been in it together? - yes, supplier and client partnerships have been critical to the success of getting solutions up and running and providing insight to enable business decisions to be made.

Through it all everyone has shown flexibility, scalability and agility. RPO at it's best.

Have a read and if you want to find out more drop me a line.