The current reliance on remote technology during the coronavirus pandemic has blurred the line between work and life, turning homes into offices.

So, if you’re spending most your working day on Zoom etc, how do you present the best version of yourself?

1. Lighting

Try to avoid overhead lighting. It makes you look harsh. Also don’t have a sunny window directly behind you – it’ll bleach you out.

2. Background

Be conscious of what’s behind you; no unmade beds, peeling paint or empty bottles of wine.

3. Children and pets

Whilst you’re clearly enamoured with your kids and furry friends – limit their involvement to brief cameo at most and then banish them from the room. They’re not the centre of the show.

4. Watch your background

Some video conferencing platforms allow you to customise your background. Just know your audience. A Malibu beach or scene from Batman may not be best for that important job interview or performance review.

Thanks to professional photographer Piers Golden (@goldenphoto) – who’s captured personalities including : Sir George Martin, Ridley Scott, Mohammed Ali and Tes Daley – amongst others. He’s added a few more tips:

5. Keep it clean

Check & clean your camera/webcam lens to ensure no fingerprints.

6. Chin up

Look horizontally into the camera - ensure your camera is at eye level, so you’re not looking down.

7. Stay neutral

Pick a location with a neutral background and even lighting – ideally side lighting for maximum personal impact.

Rob Ayling – film-maker at TMP Worldwide in London provided a few more nuggets.

8. Close windows

We don’t want sounds of cars, helicopters or birds disturbing your flow or the sound

9. Mute

Remember to turn ‘mute’ on/off at the right time!!

10. Speak clearly

Never eat chocolate before a performance, it clogs the throat (an old theatre trick)

Finally – in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy – stay classy.

And take care.