I hope you are staying safe and managing to work through the chaos of COVID-19? I know it’s been an extremely busy time here at PeopleScout as we try to navigate internal and external challenges in these unprecedented times. I’m trying to take the positives and evaluate how this will impact our personal and professional lives moving forward. I’m sure you, like me, are usually rushing around from meetings to conference calls and events in different locations. Yes, I miss and crave that face to face contact with customers and colleagues. But, at the same time, I’m enjoying being able to balance work and family time – being available and present!

This got me thinking this week about some of the services we deliver for customers. Could we do things differently in future? Could we continue the amazing impact we are currently having on the environment – only a few weeks ago Chris Packham on BBC was sharing his thoughts on COVID-19's impact on nature. So what can we all do make sure the momentum on the environment isn’t lost?

One area I have been thinking about is the ever-increasing volume of assessment centres that our customers and other companies run across the UK each year. Apprentices, graduates, interns, scholars and experienced hire. Candidates, Assessors and hiring managers travelling the length and breadth of the country will have a significant impact on the environment – let alone cost. One thing that COVID-19 has shown us is, how effective the technology that we have available to us is. You may have already shifted your assessment centre process online in this period and hopefully, you are already seeing and realising the benefits of this.

If you haven’t we’d highly recommend this as an option. My colleague Rowena Bach wrote an excellent article on ‘tips for taking your assessment centre online’ last week. Why not take a look here to get you started and if you’d like to explore potential Virtual Assessment platforms then why not take a look at the PeopleScout offering here. If you would like to discuss any of the points in this post please don't hesitate to contact me on 07885 983 539 or email simon.gomez@peoplescout.co.uk. Stay safe.