We are all, in our own ways, stepping up to help others in this times of crisis. Community spirit and acts of courage are flourishing. Examples are everywhere: from #Clapforcarers each Thursday, 8pm, to synchronised swimming in Russia; from 250 new local community support groups here in the UK to ending wild amimal trade in China and Vietnam. In the face of a pandemic that has deeply impacted people around the world, we are out there every day doing whatever we can to support our communities.

I’m proud and grateful for the remarkable work my colleagues are delivering under extreme circumstances. There are many inspiring stories of ingenuity and being a true "force for good". Here are a few from PeopleScout and my colleagues around the world... 

  • Two weeks ago, Scientific Molding began manufacturing COVID-19 test kits to help fill a fast-growing need to accurately diagnose sick patients. We are providing 100 associates who work in a “clean room” and are the last people to touch the kits before they’re shipped to hospitals.
  • We are also providing support to major retailers who desperately need extra hands on deck to meet rising demands. We are supplying hundreds of associates to help Walmart with stocking, cleaning/disinfecting, and general service and Sainsburys to delivery much needed supplies. 
  • Proper hand sanitation is one of the most effective measures for stopping spread of COVID-19. The Staff Management Coty site in Maryland, USA which normally produces cosmetics, converted a manufacturing line to produce hand sanitizer for medical and emergency services providers. We’re supporting the company’s efforts to produce tens of thousands of units per week, which will be donated.
  • Leveraging Affinix, we are helping organisations to fill critical healthcare roles as communities mobilise to prepare for and treat COVID-19 patients. We’re recruiting for all nationwide blood collection positions for the American Red Cross as the U.S. faces a severe blood shortage and placing NHS Leadership graduates in posts across the UK. 
  • When Centerline learned that a top client, Hawk Logistics, had to idle its fleet because its raw materials providers were shut down, we found new opportunities for the drivers and Hawk. The drivers are now serving Centerline’s grocery, pharmaceutical, and medical clients, and are using Hawk’s trucks to pull clients’ trailers to get products to people in need.

There are many more examples like these that could be included. I'm inspired by the dedication and the impact we’re making as a team in this unprecedented, challenging, and disrupted time.