Collated based on conversations with 40+ early careers professionals, here are the top tips in brief. Full details in article for you. 

Benefits: removing travel expenses and recording interviews and group exercises for auditing.

Transitioning : Common operational challenge was identified as mapping, planning, and coordinating so many different interactions. 

Replicating face-to-face: Everyone's priority.

Differentiation: Through candidate experience. Invest in office videos and more ‘day in the life’ content. 

Interviews and presentations: Easiest to go digital. Scheduled on the same day as the AC. 

Group exercises: Trickiest part of going virtual. Extract elements that could be covered in an interview instead. Gather candidates on Zoom, sharing materials on screen to create a digital forum for candidates to work together on a task (no cameras) whilst an assessor observed. 

Assessment material: Material integrity was the most significant concern. Mitigate by sharing on the platform itself so that they cannot be downloaded or releasing them via Google Docs with timed access. 

Disadvantaged candidates: Concern around adverse impact on socially disadvantaged candidates. Suggestions to help include: removing video from group exercises, digital chat forums before and after, and preparatory advice.

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