Practically all of our clients are expanding the video interviewing arrangements that we currently manage for them or are introducing video interviewing as a response to the lockdown. It is part of their commitment to ensuring social distancing, protecting their welfare of their staff, managing their employer brand in the eyes of the candidate, and delivering business as usual as far as possible. 

In the early careers space we are supporting companies translate their assessment centres into virtual experiences. The key is making sure that grads and apprentices get the enriching and inspiring experience that an onsite assessment centre delivers. 

It is important to support candidates with their video interview preparation. As this article highlights "Interviewing online and interviewing in person are two completely different experiences".   

Shifting to a digital interviewing platform has to have a few vital facets for it to be a successful and empowering experience: 

Checklist for choosing a platform: 

  • Can you do live interviewing (rather than recorded videos)?
  • Are you able to access 1-to-1 and panel set up? 
  • Can candidates self-schedule? 
  • Have you tested the desktop and mobile optimisation, personally?
  • Are recordings for later review?
  • How quickly can it be installed?
  • Is it Fully GDPR-compliant with EU data centres?