It's weird times.

Our working day and environments have changed and companies and organisations are rightly looking internally to their employees and how to best to support them.

However, once the dust settles, once we get into our cadence of our new ways of working and we have a little more time on our hands it'll be good to stick our heads up from the parapet and take stock.

And then it'll be good to think positively and about what happens as we come at the other side.

I came across this article of Next Gen RPO. It has an APAC slant but it is still a good read and brings into perspective how RPO has changed over the years. It makes some great observations, especially about how RPO typically comes with a combination of services and solutions.

We ourselves have integrated our recruitment marketing and brand departments with our RPO service stream. This ensures that our activity is Brand-led and allows for a consistent and on message service from start to finish.

I particularly like the focus on understanding your client - "What is that client trying to solve? Then, be creative about the solution that would best meet that customer’s requirement."

This definitely resonates with me and how we work here at PeopleScout. This is exactly what we do and is exactly what our clients are asking us of us now.

RPO is changing and has been continuously for the last few years. As we leverage new technology and automation the pace of change only gets faster.

Next Gen RPO is probably now old hat and there'll be a new buzz word coming up. However the ethos remains the same and we here at PeopleScout embrace it - we'll help you go from Now to Next