It is likely that GCSE and A-level results will be awarded based on predicted grades. The problem is that predicted grades are often wrong. Sadly there is evidence of stereotypes around particular types of students meaning their predicted grades are lower, and when they do the exam they do better than their predicted grade. 

Parents of white, middle class affluent students will canvas schools on behalf of their children which does influence teacher outcomes. 

What's more, it's a realistic concern that the poorest schoolchildren will fall further behind those from better off homes while schools are shut, as many will not have the same sort of support or resources. 

Employers recruiting school leavers from the 2019/2020 pool will need to adapt their selection strategy. Potentially eliminating grads entirely and invest in more sophisticated and accurate means of assessing an individuals skills, mindset, and approach. At the same time, these young people will have to account for this somehow, particularly in the early part of their careers where academics are used more intensively as a screening tool.