We're very much in unchartered waters currently as the world reels and tries to make terms of market challenges.

And whilst there’s huge volatility, we've spoken with major UK & global job boards and aggregators - as well as evaluating our own campaign metrics - to understand the marketplace - as it stands today.

Here’s the headlines.

Whilst countries such as Spain, Italy & Switzerland are (not surprisingly) seeing significantly reduced volumes, overall there’s little impact to volume of roles advertised or levels of applications in UK.

Before we congratulate ourselves we need to acknowledge that roles may have been posted a fortnight ago – and the business outlook is changing rapidly.

Nor are we seeing any variations between regions of the UK.

And surprisingly, a couple of publishers are reporting increases in views/applications for professional/specialist roles. Presumably that time at home is leading to boredom?

There’s been a sharp spike of medical/nursing and warehousing & driving related roles and a significant fall-off across retail, hospitality and travel sectors.

Clearly this could be completely obsolete by the end of the week (day?), so I’ll update you as things develop.